Fitness Tests: individuals and Teams

With 8 categories and 25 fitness tests, individuals can now measure fitness levels whilst Sports Coaches can remotely monitor individual and team fitness levels in real time.

Multi-sport Coaches App

From game attendance through to goals scored, pass by pass the coaches app creates powerful player and game insights for later analysis.

Sports monitoring: coaches or self

Track progression over time in order to evaluate the effect of exercise programmes. Change or alter methodologies and compare results in real time.

Dementia screening

Having built a dementia review system in the past, we are exporting the valuable lessons learnt in that project directly into Xhasa with easy to use Memory Tests for early diagnosis.


Xhasa helps keep track of any adverse reactions (ADR's) you have to medication. We are exploring ways to deliver ADR information to support the National Yellow Book program.


With 22 Chronic Diseases (Long Term Conditions) under our belt, we are always refining our care pathways to be as relevant as possible to both Patient and GP.

Deflection to Primary Care / Out of Hours

As A&E struggle to cope with the increasing demands placed on them, we have prototyped a timely A&E deflection system to drive non-essential admissions back to Primary Care.

Primary to Secondary care booking

GP's can book services and people in secondary care in real time and share pertinent patient data including meds, vitals, chronic diseases, N.o.K details and patient wishes.

Post Op. care with Xhasa Telehealth

No need for expensive installs, Xhasa reads from A and D medical devices and disseminates data accordingly, with notifications of breaches within set tolerances.