Our Principles....

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    Your Data is Your Data

    This forms the basis for creating the company. It's time your data belonged to you!

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    Security is paramount

    We started out with security in mind and we are ever vigilant, every minute of every day.

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    You are best assisted by a professional

    We make it easy for you to find, connect and communicate with a professional, not a call centre.

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    This is not an advertising platform

    Thats correct, we don't wish to bombard you with advertisements. It's not in our DNA.

Why Choose Xhasa?

We believe in you!

Xhasa has been meticulously created over a 5 year period. We are doing our best to make a step change in who owns and accesses your data! Think of every appointment you have had with a medical, fitness, nutrition or sports professional. Did they ask you to fill in forms, help you out and send you on your way? But where is the data? How do you get the most out of your life when you don't have what you need, when you need it? We want you to be as empowered as you possibly can and to put you back in charge of your data and your life.

We are innovative

Challenging why the world works the way it does is our favourite pastime. When you peel away the layers you often find a way of doing things that simply doesn't suit our modern lives anymore. What if the world was built around you? What if you owned every bit of data you had ever generated about yourself? How powerful would that be for you and your future? It's been an epic journey to innovate in this area, but we are proud of what we are achieving.

We are hard working

We get up every morning and consider, how could Xhasa be better? If we discover a problem that needs resolving or want to try out a new idea, we roll up our sleeves and get involved. Our never say die attitude has kept us focused and on track, it's an essence within the company that we want to nurture as we grow to make sure you have the best possible experience within Xhasa.


  • As an ex athlete who then endured several long term health issues I was tired of feeling ill informed, disconnected, isolated and unempowered without data pertaining to my life. Now with Xhasa, you are the most important element and everything is built around you. I believe this can transform how we choose to live our lives.
    Damian Mullen Founder
  • As the Medical Lead on the project I have been working with Xhasa so it is relevant to you the patient and also to your GP empowering the patient-GP partnership, to make better and more informed decisions about your health.
    Dr Dargallo-Nieto LMyC
  • I am diabetic, overweight, always being told by my Doctor to lose weight. I am also part of the Xhasa testing team and testing the app has transformed my life. I now use the medication management and cardio tracker everyday to better manage my chronic condition.
    Keith J Smith Photographer
  • Since using the Xhasa's prescribed exercises and cardio tracker I have been able to build and maintain my strength whilst increasing speed and agility. As a midfielder I now hold off the majority of my opponents and can access bursts of acceleration I never knew I had.
    James Murray Footballer

Our Contributors

* T-Systems UK, part of the Deustche Telekom Group