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Xhasa is an ancient African word that means supportPronounced - Kah Sa.

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It's your data to share, review or update ......... everything, anytime, everywhere, you choose how much or how little. A welcome change!

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Primary Care

Xhasa broadens and deepens the Patient - GP relationship through improved connectivity, transparency and sharing of wellbeing data.

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Secondary Care

Xhasa improves the connection between Primary and Secondary care through intelligent search and booking by GP's onbehalf of patients.

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When you are at home and have a health care issue, with Xhasa the first point of entry into the health care system is where you are right now.

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Service Providers

Comprehensive suite of tools for you to publish your availability, securely message, video call and track your clients progress.

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Companies & Resellers

The Xhasa platform has an innovative suite of capabilities to deliver additional value to your existing customers, members or staff.

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Sports Associations

Coming Soon

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Sports Clubs

Coming Soon.

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Coming Soon.

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Our Solutions

Mobile App

Is it possible to roll 30-40 apps into one amazing and inspiring app? When you believe in people as much as we do, anything is possible! If we don't have it for your phone, it's coming soon.

Personalised Book

It's got your name on it and it's all about you! Book appointments, keep track of your health, fitness and nutrition or search for a professional all while chatting or messaging your friends.

Tools for Service Providers

Manage and grow your business with a wide ranging suite of essential tools. Benefit from your own website, online booking system, integrated messaging and client review system.

Paramedic Assist

Empowers Paramedics with your latest health data from the last tablet taken, to the most recent vitals, medical history, next of kin, GP, etc. by decrypting your personal QR code.


Take charge of your health, manage your medications, receive reminders, record vitals and share this data with family, carers and GP's to better manage and improve your wellbeing.


Tailor exercise regimes with the ability to map and track your efforts to help improve your fitness. Share your results with friends and professionals for support in achieving your goals.


Step up your game, whether using the Cardio Tracker or receiving bespoke training plans from your coach, which can be tracked by you and your coach and tailored in real time.

Corporates and Gymnasiums

Built with your brand in mind to maximise brand appreciation and awareness. Creating a competitive, healthier environment and enhancing staff and member loyalty.